Bao Casino is a bit more than just a casino - it is a philosophy. The word ‘Bao’ can inspire different things that depend on where we meet it in this world. Relating to Bao Casino, however, it’s an amalgamation of all positive meanings - perfectly represented in a mascot of this place - BAO. BAO is a fluffy cat chubby like a Chinese Bao bun. He represents a love for gaming like the Swahili Bao mancala. Feline features come from the Vietnamese báo, and he undertakes hard work as an Old Irish báo. On top of all that, BAO is lucky - with his name meaning jewel or treasure to many people. This mascot is a representation of the enthusiastic team of the casino, its love of food, hard-working and delivering unparalleled digital games. Bao is a licenced casino powered by bitcoin payments and completely guided by 24/7 customer support.