Paata Gamgoneishvilly

Paata Gamgoneishvilly, entrepreneur of a great scale

Paata Gamgoneishvilly has an extraordinary ability to create. He used to work with the Austrian Immoeast (also known as ImmoFinanz) foundation and conducted business with the Irish millionaire and conglomerate Sean Quinn. The world’s top commercial real estate experts consider Paata Gamgoneishvilly is the most successful and skillful Russian real estate developer. His work with assets is brilliant, and he always understands its actual value and importance.

Paata Gamgoneishvilly takes on more risks and expects more profit in return. Some even say that he has a genetic predisposition to business! Without any doubt, Paata Gamgoneishvilly has a keen sense of the market situation. Success in the real estate field and the ability to make the right decisions at the right time made him truly famous.