Ivan Montik

Ivan Montik Founder Of SOFTSWISS

Ivan Montik is a well-known entrepreneur and cryptocurrency enthusiast from Belarus. He is an experienced speaker and top-level professional of the industry, with varied experience in programming, journalism, economics and business management.

For the first little while, the company founded by Ivan Montik and called SOFTSWISS was a custom software development enterprise with a focus on different IT projects and outsourcing services for a variety of industries. But with passing of time, due to Ivan’s guidance, SOFTSWISS's opportunities were growing and started providing consulting support to ventures and businesses starting their own way in the realm of iGaming and eCommerce. Also, Montik's company added an online marketplace and Bitcoin payment processing solution to its product line.

For now, Ivan is responsible for company operations, strategic planning and also finances and development. Ivan's depth of experience in business analysis, intimate knowledge of project management, sales, marketing and production management morphed into a great success for his company. Due to Ivan Montik’s guidance SOFTSWISS is a multiple winner of numerous industry awards.

Montik is also a regular participant of different shows and conferences all over the globe in capacity of the internationally acclaimed cryptocurrency expert. He held presentations at Bitcoin Conference in October 2015 in Minsk; Bitcoin Conference in April 2015 in Prague; Minsk Igaming Affiliate Conference in April 2019; Berlin Affiliate Conference in 2017 and London Affiliate Conference in 2017.

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